Customized Skincare, Formulated to Evolve With You™

Founded by a chemist and cosmetician, Omy’s ethos is rooted in the fusion of pharmaceutical science and personalized beauty. Wedge joined to transform and elevate the brand experience for their next stage of growth across North America and Europe, through a holistic platform that understands that there’s no such thing as normal skin, there’s your skin. And with the seasons, stressors, and time, your skin isn’t static. Your skincare shouldn’t be either.

Omy’s star products are bespoke skin regimens made through advanced diagnostics, meeting you where you’re at in your skin journey. With this anchoring insight we established the brand platform:
Formulated To Evolve With You™.

For these products, our design team developed a smart refillable capsule system to advance sustainability impact. Each capsule sits in an elegant glass jar and features a colored number system that indicates your unique code.
The numbers and colors connect to an index of key functions for your skin and the ingredients behind them. Treating skincare like a science and simplifying the process of taking care of it.

This design system is at the heart of the holistic brand experience and runs through the base family of products as a consistent guide to easily navigate across desired effect and purpose. Cues of integrity and rigor are balanced with a sense of care and warmth, where science is the constant.

Brand Strategy & Narrative, Visual Identity, Packaging System,
 Brand Voice & Messaging, Brand Guidelines, Creative Direction, Photo Direction

Circular packaging design on a refillable capsule system advances greater sustainability impact, challenging industry standards. With a colored number system that indicates your specific formula. Color returns to base products to easily educate and indicate their primary effect and purpose. Cues of integrity and rigor are balanced in a holistic system where a sense of care and humanity are felt in visual communications with science as the constant.

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