Elegance in simplicity, awarded from New York to London

Custom bottle and brand, desired the world over

Menaud Distillery brand and custom bottle design by Wedge.

Menaud’s founders approached Wedge to design a series of custom bottles, and envision an elegant brand experience inspired by nature.

Menaud’s high-end distillery is set in the remote lush forested region of Charlevoix, Quebec. Our team chose to strategically position Menaud through two signature aspects: Shape and color. The bottles’ signature green is directly inspired by the region. A distinct differentiator in a clear bottle dominant category. The shape is radically simple, inspired by elegant forms. Since launch, Menaud has set a new benchmark in luxury spirits, expanded to France, and its bottle design is internationally awarded.

Strategy, Branding, Industrial Design, Packaging, Creative Direction, Website Design, Visual Content

Menaud Distillery logo symbol design by Wedge.
Menaud Distillery logo word mark design by Wedge.
Custom bottle design research by Olivier Raymond & Wedge for Menaud Spirits.
Custom bottle design detail by Wedge for Menaud Spirits.
Initial bottle concept sketches.
The bottle’s punt is designed with an angle to incorporate a hidden line from the book that originally inspired the brand, Menaud, Maître-draveur.
Menaud Distillery cigar tag design by Wedge for their gin bottle.
Menaud Distillery social media design by Wedge.

“Menaud was founded on a duality between tradition, modernity, and the romance of the region. Wedge understood that and materialized it. If Menaud is what it is, it is thanks to the character Wedge knew how to give it. Simply put, Wedge creates desire.”


Menaud Distillery brand design by Wedge.
Menaud Distillery Gin bottle design by Wedge in Charlevoix.
Menaud Distillery brand design by Wedge is inspired by the mythic tale "Menaud maître draveur".
Menaud Rhubarbe spirit direction by Wedge.
Menaud adapted the original design for new botanical liqueurs with brilliant color.
Menaud beer back label design by Wedge.
Menaud beer family design by Wedge.
Menaud table beers, a refined drink.
Menaud beer family design by Wedge.
Menaud beer cigar tag design by Wedge.

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