Creating a food
company with chef
Matty Matheson

A new legacy of pantry staples inspired by nostalgic classics.

Legendary Canadian chef and restaurateur Matty Matheson, also known as the Emmy award-winning executive producer of the hit TV show The Bear, enlisted Wedge to build the next legacy in classic pantry staples. Nostalgic foods he grew up eating that taste the way he cooks, “I wanted people anywhere and everywhere to have my big, punchy flavors in their homes.”

Our role and main challenge was to translate Matty’s vision into a lasting brand that reflects his signature: Bold. Punchy. Memorable. Flavor. A brand that is focused on the product, a system that can expand across various future categories, and a world that inspires home cooks everywhere to Cook Like A Matheson™.

In terms of design, the core identity is inspired by Hereford Corned Beef, a classic that Matty grew up eating all the time. The punchy primary colors reflect Matty’s punchy, classic flavors, but are also an extension of the visual language and vintage vernacular of Matty’s World, seen across his NYTimes best selling cookbooks, merch, restaurants, and more.

Matheson Food Company debuted with products from Matty’s childhood memories: BBQ Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Mac n’ Cheese, connected to personal anecdotes: “Our Green Olive Dressing is an ode to my mother in law Carol. Our Original BBQ Sauce is based on my dad’s original for ribs and chicken.” All recipes are crafted, tasted, and tested with care by the big dog himself.

Matty is loved for his personality. It was only natural to put his distinct voice directly on the Mac: “All dressed up with one place to go: Your mouth. With a subtle smoky hint and a rich finish, you’ll be going back for seconds, thirds, fourths… Eat it straight from the pot or bake it into a casserole. The world is yours.” The design of this product is almost storybook like, with low-fi photography that hits that sense of nostalgia, Matty’s way.

The big dog’s spin on all kinds of classics is just getting started and we’re right along with him. The brand successfully launched nationwide with major retailers such as Walmart.

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