Life, On Purpose™

Brand platform evolution for an iconic Canadian retailer that started with books

Let’s start at the beginning: 25 years ago, Heather Reisman founded Indigo to bring the joy of reading to all Canadians. Over time the retailer became colloquially known as Canadians’ happy place. Great books were just the beginning, Indigo became a meaningful community place, encouraging you to discover your passions.

Fast forward today, Indigo is a digital-first cultural department store with a wide offering across books, home goods, green living, toys, gifts, and wellness for this modern life.

The retailer’s ethos needed a resonant evolution and a cohesive point of view that welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests while capturing a new generation and working across a multitude of complex communications and touchpoints.

Indigo invited us to craft just that. We sought to clarify the brand as an energizing, meaningful, and joyful place of discovery.

Reaffirming its place as the beloved iconic retailer.
Reenergizing its bold place in Canadian culture.
Reopening the door to the ‘happy place’ you thought you knew, only better.
Renewing a signature aura across the experience, with versatility.

We started by understanding their customers’ true relationship to Indigo, as the place to escape and intentionally connect closer to the things that matter to you. 

“Life, On Purpose” became the brand platform. A north star across the full experience. Architected with Indigo’s amazing team under the helm of then CCO and Kinfolk Magazine co-founder, Nathan Williams.

We’re honored to have worked with the remarkable team at Indigo and play a small part in their continued legacy.

Brand Strategy & Narrative, Visual Identity, Brand Voice & Messaging, Packaging, Brand Guidelines

The visual identity, originally designed by Bruce Mau in 1996, was refreshed in its entirety while keeping the original logo and indigo blue color as is, as signature elements.

Beyond a logo we defined a verbal identity that’s alive, friendly yet authentic, and clear. Paired with a human photography direction and colorful palette that’s designed for a complex ecosystem of communications across Indigo’s many verticals.

Our design team took an editorial approach to typography with a combination of playful yet classic fonts that pulls a contemporary font inspired by the logomark into the system itself. A clever solution that makes the 1996 logo design feel fresh again.

“Wedge delivered refreshing, brand defining assets that felt fresh but could stand the test of time for a very diverse offering.

There is an empathy and self awareness to their approach that allows them to put themselves in the customers’ shoes which, at the end of the day, leads to work that connects with the brand’s internal teams and customer community.

The upfront strategy work was highly collaborative, thoughtful and thorough, with a focused attention to enable the brand with the versatility it needed to live across diverse categories and the omni channel.

A passionate team of thinkers that put the facts and their feelings into the process, and you can really see it & feel it in the work.”

SVP Brand Content

“When working with Wedge, we link arms as partners to challenge and elevate the work together. We communicate with efficient candor ‘hell, yeah!’ to that sexy red dress, and the necessary ‘bullshit!’ when we think we’d look good with bangs. It’s laying on the chaise lounge of my brand therapist without the drama. Ask for the quick design fix on a silver platter and they draw out the best, most inspiring solution together instead.”

Chief Creative Officer

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