“Turn The Page” IS the post-covid colorburst we need

Brand Campaign, Back to School Season 2021

Indigo "Turn the page" campaign wild posting directed by Wedge.

Indigo is an iconic Canadian retailer whose legacy is rooted in books, and whose modern offering today extends across a diverse array of goods for living. They enlisted Wedge to create a brand campaign off the back of quarantine captivity. The world was opening up again, and ‘back to school’ season was upon us. At a time when the cultural dialogue rejected the idea of returning back to anything normal, an empowering narrative emerged. One that called the audience to turn the page, and to go back differently, on their own terms. The optimistic colorburst reinforces a sense of positivity, and brings the distinctly joyful brand spirit people know and love, to life.

Concept, script, creative direction, visual design

Indigo "Turn the page" campaign billboard design by Wedge.
Indigo "Turn the page" campaign social media advertisement directed by Wedge.
Indigo "Turn the page" campaign wild posting design by Wedge.

“We’ve learned a ton this past year about how we live, work and want to educate.” “ ‘Turn the Page’ is a reference to books and the core of our business, but it really challenges the idea of us going back and instead going forward. It’s time to live differently.”

VP Marketing

Indigo "Turn the page" campaign manifesto on store front of Bay & Bloor Street, Toronto. Design by Wedge.
Indigo "Turn the page" campaign manifesto composed by Wedge.
Manifesto makes a statement at Indigo Bay & Bloor, Toronto.

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