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A Wedge publishing debut

In No Particular Order is a collection of emerging Canadian artist Dan Climan's practice between 2020 and 2023. This first edition ever, in organic collaboration with and published by Wedge, explores the artist's work across selected paintings and sketches. Available today in limited quantity, the book is a result of a long-time admiration between the artist and Wedge.

Climan's oeuvre draws from mid-century cinema, photography, and advertising. His paintings invoke the era's non-digital simplicity with flat, clean-edged forms and wide-open compositions; their sparse canvases are populated with familiar objects and nostalgic figures — radiators, barns, dogs, old cars — that feel eerily out of place.

The book offers a way to see Climan’s work outside of the fast pace of the endless social media scroll and into a moment that's more contemplative: "I imagine someone taking their time to flip through the book on their couch and really sit with the images," remarks Climan.

Presented in no particular order, the book’s design refrains to organize the works chronologically or by subject. Instead, following an informal organic flow of what feels good. This invites the viewer to experience the artist's work through their own memories, reflections, and emotions.

In No Particular Order is a hardcover book with 120 pages and contains 44 full-color paintings and 12 black-and-white illustrations. The book features an introduction by Erin Storus, an essay and interview by Adam Wray, and photo contributions by Liam Goslett, Celia Spenard-Ko, and Simon Nicoloso.

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