Amaro aperitivo to start the night

Festif is a charming aperitivo duo with its mission in its name: To bring an undeniably “festive” spirit to those unforgettable nights with friends you never want to end. Founded by a magnetic Los Angelian with French Canadian roots and a background in entertainment hospitality, the brief was to turn a business idea into a brand vision.

Behind the design— Festif’s identity and packaging is inspired by 1920s European posters where artworks pop against dark black backgrounds with strong typographic intentions. This bespoke typographic boldness (drawn in-house) against the dark label, paired with a delightful script, and ‘sparkles’ of energy that a great glass brings, come together to create a unique signature that makes the mission sing. The bottle carries strong rounded shoulders evoking a presence on the table or shelf.

Strong products often feature a singular unique detail in their design, recalled by memory. It can be a color, a shape, a symbol. For Festif, this is the green button cap, as a fun (and festive) distinctive feature.

Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Creative Direction & Photography

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