An effortlessly smooth identity for a vegan ice cream

Swirl is a vegan ice cream shop based in Montreal. Their Founders initially came to Wedge to design their new pint packaging. Long story short: They fell in love with the solution and decided to rebrand entirely. The goal was to create a bold yet minimal pint design that required minimal printing.

We started with the custom drawn artwork, or logomark, inspired by the product’s smooth creamy texture and trail left by a spoon. Simple fruit stickers indicate flavour, bring a hit of colour, and connect to the authentic network of local producers and farmers Swirl works with to develop fleeting flavours of the seasonal moment. The lid is used more functionally to hold additional ingredient info. Knowing the Founders’ big ambitions to commercialize the product for mass reach, we sought to create an eye-catching pack on the shelf through bold, graphic intention and effortlessly undeniable repetition.

Since working together, the Swirl pint has become a covetable object. Pint drops sell out each week which we can’t take credit for. Their flavours are pure insanity.