Aupale Vodka

Brand Identity and Custom Bottle Design for a contemporary luxury spirit.

Aupale is a new generation of spirits that seeks to redefine luxury through simplicity, by design. Its founders joined Wedge to custom craft an original bottle and brand identity inspired by its obscure glacier source, as well as an energy that dares to go its own way.

This tension between the natural world and simplicity with an edge, inspired our team to take a non-figurative approach with the bottle design. Understanding that the product is not small batch craft and not your traditional Grey Goose. Somewhere in between that gives Aupale permission to move to its own beat.

The bottle design is based on a traditional Bordeaux shape, whose texture transforms from smooth to rippled to create an optical effect of an icy base. Inspired by Finnish glass masters of the 60s, reinterpreted. The punt is debossed with the brand symbol to create the effect of a glacier standing in the centre of the bottle when viewed from the front. The silky pale green cap is made of 100% recyclable tin.

The visual expression brings an edge to elegance, offering a new desirability and contemporary perspective.