Sparkling tea with botanicals to thrive

Brewed in Los Angeles by the team behind Better Booch comes the next best gut-healthy thing: Cha. A sparkling prebiotic tea that believes nature has everything we need to thrive. Optimized for functional health benefits with the properties of plants. Alongside the founders, we developed the brand for its launch through Target.

Through our process of cultural foraging, the design team unearthed the visual language of gardens and apothecary. This dominant inspiration is seen through the logomark’s arched “A”, illustrative details, and botanical language, and turns these references into a modern signature for the now. In a crowded category, Cha brings an elevated quality.

Organic graphic symbols evoke the taste and spirit of each flavor and function. The monotype echoes Cha’s functional benefits, derived from tea leaves and carefully chosen ingredients to taste delicious and help you feel your best.

Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Creative Direction & Photography

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