Setting the craftcannabis benchmark

Rare Breeds, Limited Grow™

Carmel cannabis brand design by Wedge.

Carmel is a craft cannabis brand backed by OG growers from the black market. They select and breed only the most covetable seeds, like copping a pair of rare NIKEs. It’s quality or nothing.

Rare Breeds, Limited Grow™ became the strategy that established their distinct difference. Carmel’s hand-picking and trimming process is seen in the details of the visual identity, mostly through the custom font designed by our team. The signature color reinforces brand recognition.

The main challenge was to develop a commercially strong brand identity for the main street that is also true to their authentic roots, resonating with both legacy users and newcomers alike. Since working together, Carmel steadily remains one of the top selling, beloved brands in Canada.

Strategy & Narrative, Branding, Packaging, Website Design,  Merch

A view inside Carmel cannabis plant nursery with farmer Drew.
Carmel cannabis brand merch photoshoot directed by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis pre-roll packaging design by Wedge.
Unique typographic lock-ups are created for each unique strain, featuring the custom font “Carmel Hand Drawn”, designed in-house by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis custom typography design by Wedge.
Carmel Hand Drawn. A custom typeface created by Wedge to honor the craft quality behind their products. An organic font with a hand made though that stands out on the market.
Carmel cannabis brand photoshoot directed by Wedge.
A view inside Carmel cannabis plant nursery.
Carmel cannabis mobile website design by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis strain card flyer design by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis blog design by Wedge.

“Customers tell us they were waiting for a brand like ours to come to market, and how much it resonates with them. Wedge approached the mandate with the right combination of thoughtfulness and strategy that made it a home run for the whole team. They went deep in understanding the context for both Carmel, and the position we sought to occupy.”

Director of Marketing, formerly Molson Coors

Carmel cannabis rolling paper packaging design by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis accessory photoshoot directed by Wedge.
Carmel cannabis logo design by Wedge.

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