Creating new luxury codes, bespoke in brand and bottle

Inspired by a northern source

Aupale vodka bottle and packaging design by Wedge.

A Wedge Venture Partnership

Aupale Vodka is a Wedge Venture partnership alongside founders whose backgrounds span across the high-end world of spirits, and the music industry. 

With access to one of the purest water sources on the planet, in a remote and wild northern area of Canada, they sought to build a new luxury vodka company inspired by the source.

We joined together to unlock the vision, hitting the original “source” inspiration with a fashion lens to create a new generation take on luxury codes. The main result is a bespoke, custom designed bottle inspired by the Canadian elements: a rocky, icy textured base which transforms into smooth glass towards the sky. Capped with a signature teal tin wrap, inspired by the aurora borealis sitting above the source. All details are custom in their creation, reflective of the carefully crafted liquid.

Aupale Vodka released in 2021 in key markets across the United States and Canada, which quickly expanded to Mexico, Greece, the Middle East, and areas of Asia. In the business’ second year we helped to expand the Aupale portfolio with a new product line, releasing to market Fall 2022.

Strategy, Naming, Branding, Industrial Design, Packaging, Website Design, Creative Direction, Launch Campaign, Visual Content

Aupale vodka bottle photoshoot directed by Wedge.
A special technique was used to create the rock texture both on the interior and exterior of the bottle.
Aupale vodka reflection photoshoot directed by Wedge.
Aupale vodka pure water source photoshoot directed by Wedge.
Aupale vodka logo design by Wedge.
Embossed cap detail on Aupale vodka bottle design by Wedge.
Debossed cap featuring the brand symbol, and signature teal tin wrap.
Aupale vodka shipping box design by Wedge.

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