Entre Pierre et Terre

Packaging redesign for quality French cidres

Collection of sparkling cidres by Entre Pierre et Terre – a farm and distillery in French Canada led by a humble fermentation master and experimenter from Picardie, France whose orchard-to-bottle cidres are undeniably delicious.

We redesigned the labels to honour the quality product and raise its price on-shelf. A combination of typographies are selected, inspired by French brasserie signage as well as hand-drawn elements which speak to the by-hand nature of the product’s making. The lively layout connotes the cidres’ carbonation and the red colour takes its cue from the beautiful apple fruit. Paired with a soft beige, a high-end yet accessible quality is found.

Design impact: The cidres sold 3x faster compared to a typical season, even at the higher price. This allowed Entre Pierre et Terre to generate increased revenue, faster, which gave the space to experiment new products, expanding the upcoming season’s product line.