Launching a flagship that makes New Yorkers stop and listen.

How do you launch a Canadian furniture brand in New York City when they’ve never heard your name? EQ3 enlisted Wedge to launch their NY flagship in the heart of Chelsea. Our approach first explored the business practises and product truths of EQ3, to understand what lies at the heart. As we dug deeper, we quickly realized EQ3 isn’t always Made in Canada, and that’s not the point. Because they are always Made in Consideration.

Made in Consideration became the integrated campaign concept rooted in a transparent look behind the scenes into practises, beliefs, and product truths told through bold, declarative statements and stunning, evocative visuals.

Stories behind the statements were told in Made in Consideration Journal – a brand magazine designed, written and produced by Wedge. Rich content that works to build the brand narrative in print and social media. Conversations, a local editorial insert was also produced featuring the stories of like-minded, influential, New Yorkers.

The opening of EQ3 NYC was covered by Man Repeller and Architectural Digest. The store gained 3X more traffic than anticipated on opening weekend which lead to 10 new hires, and contributed to some of the top grossing sales for opening weekend in the company’s 18-year history. In parallel to the integrated campaign work, we also developed and evolved a modernized brand expression that reinvigorates EQ3’s voice and elevates the visual universe. Fully alive today in NYC at 17th & 7th.