Charming bakery identity and packaging inspired by golden crust

Chibougaterie is a bakery just ten quaint hours north of Montréal. If you have the time, or enjoy endless meditation, we suggest the drive. The bakery’s owner selected the name, a combination of her hometown Chibougamou, QC and the French word for ‘cake’, gateau. She asked Wedge to design an identity with full trust and free creative reign. Inspired by the golden crust of the Chibougaterie’s top seller, pain au levain (sourdough bread), a golden yellow hue took lead. A vintage typeface as the main wordmark, combined with a modern match for description, ground the brand in authenticity with a fresh appeal for today. The pastel colours that extend the visual library add an atypical aesthetic distinction, proving everyday goods can be special. The pickle jar with a diamond-shaped label, elevates the overall appeal. A detail a most delicious gherkin deserves.